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Sustainable & Reliable

Building For
Our Future

With a focus on sustainability in all facets of our business, we work directly with a range of clients, to meet your maintenance, construction and project needs.


Communication, workflow, cost management and quality work are a priority for us.


Communication, workflow, cost management and quality work are a priority for us.

Project Work

Consultation, management, construction and completion of small or large projects with a sustainable focus.


Tailor-made, adaptive and flexible solutions with extensive and efficient capabilities.


In-House Quality

Our team work directly with contractors, which is much more cost-effective and efficient for our clients but ensures a high level of quality.

Safety Focused

We value the importance of safety beyond the bare minimum, and this is engrained in our culture and our team.

Highly Flexible

We have a high level of flexibility to meet the evolving needs of clients and are adaptive across all facets of our business.

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We Engage with our community

It’s important to us as part of our pact to be sustainable is to invest back into our community. We help a range of non-for profits and charities financially and by offering our services, or volunteering our time.

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See what we have been working on with a range of clients.

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If you want to talk to the person that is doing your store fit out, SBC is your company. This industry is riddled with middlemen driving up your costs but most importantly losing touch of what is important to you and how you want your end product. The team at SBC care about what they do and more importantly, care about their customers and keeping them happy. I have lost count of how many shops & renovations they have done for us with no stress at all. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the team at SBC.

Josh Rudd – Ghanda