North Fitzroy – Workplace Refresh

As part of the workplace refresh Sustainable Building Concepts were engaged to undertake the carpentry package, with an experienced team and In keeping with the design intent we had great pleasure in bringing the design to life ensuring that the Victorian Aboriginal Communities spiritual culture flowed through the space.

Within the space an existing skylight has been utilised to build a central stack that directs the light down to a meeting table, this area represents the aboriginal campfire where families would gather to share stories and food.

Utilising selected timbers which were sourced from four different areas, each location having a strong spiritual link to the communities throughout Victoria. In Collaboration with our supplier Nullarbor Sustainable Timber we were able to source the specified recycled timbers and install them in a way that is both functional and sympathetic to show of the beauty of our regional timbers. The overall finish provides a perfect blend of modern and old finishes with an open and airy working environment, which maintains a strong link to the indigenous history and culture of the community.

Project:  Aboriginal Housing Victoria, North Fitzroy – Workplace Refresh

Builder: Intrec Management (Photo credit)

Architect:  Public Realm Lab