With the current state of the world at present, now more than ever it is critical to not lose focus on what it important and will continue to make a difference for generations to come. Sustainable Building Concepts are always looking to work with likeminded businesses whose culture and focus are in line with our ethos.

We were engaged to undertake the demolition of two properties located in Brighton, after much discussion we engaged the specialist services of BMC Demolition. The decision to engage BMC Demolition and the Salvage Centre was centred on aligning our main philosophy of sustainability and transparency.

  • BMC Demolition are a recycling focused demolition company that salvage and divert up to 80% of your project from landfill
  • BMC where fantastic to deal with- their communication, professionalism and transparent approach was refreshing and ensured the works ran smoothly for both ourselves and client.
  • The Salvage Centre pride themselves on saving building materials from gong to landfill, with their specialty being timber recycled floorboards. Materials that are rescued from demolition’s get recycled or reclaimed so they can continue to be utilised by the industry for years to come.
  • All of timber from the demolition was delivered to the Salvage Centre in Geelong, where it was either Recycled or Reclaimed.

At Sustainable Building Concepts we are focused on a circular economy within our industry, we are continually looking for innovative ways and partnerships with businesses that share our vision. Our partnership with BMC Demolition and Salvage Centre paved the way in delivering a perfect outcome for all involved, most importantly the environment by diverting a large percentage of waste from landfill and repurposing the materials thus ensuring our continued contribution to a circular economy.

A fantastic outcome for our client, our businesses, and the environment.

Thanks to all involved.