Our Story

Sustainable Building Concepts was founded in 2013 after the sad realisation that the amount of resources and materials that are being wasted onsite was enormous. The wastage was in the form of improper quantity ordering, incorrect waste management plans and the use of non-sustainable building materials and products.

Sustainable Building Concepts offers our extensive client list financial assurance in relation to high quality project delivery and an experienced, well-disciplined management and construction team. Collectively our experience and highly motivated team are responsible for the delivery of a range of projects throughout Victoria. Due to our experience, the team at Sustainable Building Concepts will build long lasting relationships that prove our commitment and dedication to the delivery of all the projects that we are involved in.

We dedicate an extensive range of resources across each project from project leadership, design management, site supervision and contract management to reflect the strength and experience of individuals in their fields of expertise.

Through collaborative and consultative relationships, ethical decision making and communication we understand the uniqueness of each client’s circumstances and tailor solutions to suit individual needs. We believe that our expertise within the industry will ensure the successful delivery of each project and future projects that we may work on.


As a solution focused company that puts sustainability at the forefront of all that we do, we are different in that our focus extends to the ongoing relationships we build with our clients and our community.

In-House Quality

We work directly with the contractors, which is much more cost-effective and efficient for our clients but ensures a high level of quality.

Safety Focused

We value the importance of safety beyond the bare minimum, and this is engrained in our culture and our team.

Highly Flexible

We have a high level of flexibility to meet the evolving needs of clients and are adaptive across all facets of our business.


Removing the middle man and working directly with us guarantees overall project cost effectiveness and single point of contact.


Being sustainable is not just about reducing our environmental impact, it’s ensuring that we practice what we preach.

SOCIAL Conscious

The waste that is being generated from building sites is concerning, and something that weighs on our social conscious.


We have the expertise and qualifications to deliver the highest quality work. We invest in our team, our tools and our trades.

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Our Suppliers


It’s important to us as part of our pact to be sustainable is to invest back into our community. We help a range of non-for profits and charities financially and by offering our services, or volunteering our time.